Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, November 27
Yesterday, I had lots of feelings and felt as if my heart was a sponge that was soaking up all the melancholy in the world.  I put The Age of Adz and Helplessness Blues on repeat, buckled down, and got work done.  Work for money, work for me, and work that will lead to something more, I think. 
I’ve had a ferocious cold since Thanksgiving day and have been taking my time getting up in the mornings.  Or that’s my excuse, anyway. 
It’s been raining every day for the last, oh, I don’t know… two weeks?
The days are dark and dreary, but kind of romantic, too.
This is my striped hallway.  Did I ever show you a picture of how it turned out?
I’m working on a series of linocut prints.
It’s a great creative outlet for me.
For us.  David’s helping, too.
I need to buy more ink, so I’m using concentrated watercolors to get a feel for how things will turn out.  It doesn’t work very well, but sometimes the results are interesting.
Brussels sprouts are one of my favorite vegetables. 
They look like beautiful little veggie brains and I like that.
And when they’re roasted with garlic, shallots, and olive oil, they’re divine.
I could eat them like candy and yesterday, I did.
These tools aren’t ideal, but they suit me just fine since I’m still so new to the craft.
I’d like to invest in some Japanese Woodcarving tools in the future.
Here’s what my hallway looks like with the lights on.
Sometimes I wish I’d painted the stripes black, but usually I’m happy to have a bit of color in the flat.
Maybe the people who buy it from us will have kids who will love the stripes, or maybe they’ll decide to repaint everything white, which would be depressing.
David’s new business cards arrived yesterday.  They’re not centered properly and are being reprinted.
Next batch, we’re going to have them letterpressed by a local printer.
I’m excited for that!
Some watercolor printing from earlier.
My work day was over.  I started reading In Tuscany by Frances Mayes with photos by Bob Krist.
To be honest, I think I could take better pictures (and that’s not saying much), but I like reading Mayes words and getting lost in daydreams of Tuscan orchards and welcoming piazzas.
 I’d love to spend a year in that part of the world.  You’ll have to come visit when I do.
Late night nibbles.
Which turned into late night cuddles and business talk with the Redcoat and his holey sock.
And finally, we finished our wine, wrapped up our conversation, and went to bed. 
A dark and dreary Tuesday.
Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Tuesday With Moi

  1. Natalie

    I’m obsessed with the stripes! They turned out SO well and SO even!!!! I also love the idea of linocutting more. I bought a kit and did approximately one for a job and then… nothing. Maybe I’ll pick it back up.



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