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 When I started my Tuesday With Moi series, it was meant to be a weekly exercise in which I focused my eye on the beautiful world around me and focused my camera lens on a snippet of the spectacular once every hour, on the hour.  As many of you know, these posts have basically deteriorated into multiple pictures of Le Chat and some close-up pictures of my plant collection.  Blah.  To spice up my TWM offerings, I’m inviting some of my favorite people to contribute to the genre.  This way, we’ll all get to step out of our own lives for a day and experience the life of someone else. Fun!

Our first contributor is my dear friend and pen-pal, Natalie.  She’s a freelance set designer, cuisinartist, and DIY queen living in LA.  When we were neighbors in Beacon Hill, we shared many wonderful times, including one of the most extraordinary Thanksgivings of my life (seriously).  In those days I used to admire her from up close, now, I admire her from afar, and you should, too.  Take it away, lady!

(FYI: all italics from here one out are my own. Everything else is Natalie.)
 Tuesday, November 20
Natalie Groce Edition

I’m so honored that Kate asked me to do a guest post.  I admire her writing and dedication to her blog so much and I’m so glad to call her my friend. Here’s hoping my life is half as interesting as hers! Also: I have to give her credit – taking a photo every hour is REALLY HARD. Much harder than I thought it would be. So bravo Kate, I applaud you. 

First tea of the day, in my favorite mug. I’m obsessed with Oregon… mainly because I’m from Portland, but also because it is an amazing place.
Thanksgiving planning madness. So many lists, so little time.

I love the leaves against the brilliant blue sky.
One of the perks of living in Los Angeles I suppose.
 This guy kept me company in the conference room all day. There was also a boar’s head but it wasn’t as cute. Not that I find taxidermy adorable…
I do.  I want a stuffed zebra for my entryway one day.
But only if it died of natural causes… obviously. 
 Stepped out of my meeting to run home and grab some files. As I was leaving I couldn’t believe how nice and autumnal my front door looked.
And yes, the tile really is that color pink. 
The creative process in the commercial world sometimes looks like this.

 Pretty antler artwork at the office. I guess I’m really into animal related artwork right now.
There is a chalk wall in the office as well.

 And these awesome light fixtures. You can’t tell from this picture but the light bulbs are the really awesome vintage filament ones. Super cool!
(This should be said in a French accent, the way the French directors I’m working with say it.)

 The view from here – Photoshop and a notebook.

 I finally escaped from the office! The apples at Whole Foods were very enticing but I already bought enough for my delicious apple pie at the farmers market this past weekend. I love Thanksgiving!

My tiny indoor garden! It is thriving! I am so proud.

 The crazy old lady chandelier in our dining room. I have kind of grown to like it… except for the fact that it is a dust magnet… le sigh. 
 Our friend Alan was over editing another music video we worked on. He is at our apartment so much he actually has keys. Hooray for businesses run out of residences! 
Le sigh?
Vanilla ice cream ingredients! I was trying to get a head-start on Thanksgiving… at 10 pm…

 Cooling the custard over an ice bath. Photo credit to my lovely boyfriend. And yes, I’m aware my hand looks really strange.
A view of the top of my dresser, taken while picking out my outfit for today. The little bird is from Costa Rica, the heart is really heavy and my grandfather drew the Frankenstein for me a few years ago for valentines day. He is amazing.

An enormous THANK YOU (’tis the season) to Natalie but also to you, dear reader, for sharing her Tuesday with her! She’s really awesome.  Just like her grandfather & that Frankenstein card. 
You’ll likely see more of her here with TWV and maybe one day I’ll make her share a recipe or two…

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