Inspiredb By: Malcolm Liepke

Oh, man.  David and I had such a comfortable weekend with our friends in the Cotswolds.  Comfortable- that’s the best way to describe their home.  Comfortable like walking into your mother’s arms, comfortable like the laugh lines on a lover’s face, comfortable like a cup of coffee and your favorite book.  Together, we ate, drank, and made much merriment and I’ve come away from the weekend feeling well rested and inspired.

Not only was our weekend comfortable, it was also full of fantastic art.  Sculpture, block prints, and textiles were displayed alongside tribal masks, graphic screen prints and children’s art.  It was wonderful!  All the visual stimuli got me thinking about one of my favorite artists, Malcolm Liepke, and how I wanted to share some of his work with you.  I like the energy of these pieces, their sensuality, and the weight of his brush.  Also, he’s originally from Minneapolis and you all know how I feel about that

I’ve had this saved on my desktop for months now.  I want that collar.  So bad.  So so so bad.  I really love the colors in this piece and the luminous quality of the subject’s skin and the depth of her eyes.

Again, this boa.  Mine.  Make it mine.  Please.  
I love his use of texture here as well as the shine of her lips.  

Like my all-time favorite painter, Sargent, I find Liepke’s portraits to be illuminating and haunting, as if the subject is emanating light. I’m drawn into these portraits.  I want to write stories about them.
In fact, I think I will.

Liepke is represented by Albemarle Gallery in London.

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