Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, October 23
Birthday Edition
 A quiet morning. 
House work is the order of the day because my parents are coming tomorrow!
There is much to be done.
The painting, it never ends.
The fog, it never leaves.
And the heart is full of love though my hands are very tired.
My belly is hungry and I pause for a snack.
As I eat, I massage my hands which are sore from gripping a paint brush for hours every day. 
Eventually I finish painting the bedroom and lay down the brush.
I line the bath tub with newspaper and spray paint four brackets black.
As I wait for them to dry, I do some tidying around the house.
After a long, hot shower, I blow dry my hair.  This is on the ground at my feet.
I hang the laundry on the window and tuck myself into bed with my laptop.
Work does not hold for birthdays.
I indulge in a birthday glass of wine as I go through my check list.
There is still much to do.
The Redcoat does not think I should work any longer.
He thinks I should get dressed so we can go out for a birthday meal.
I oblige.
A simple meal at the Hotel Du Vin.
We talk and laugh and celebrate a little.  
After dinner, we relocate to the bar for a proper drink.
The Manhattans are good and we celebrate some more.
 And then we are tired.
I say goodnight to the celery and we go home.
Tomorrow is a big day, my parents are coming!
There is still much to do.
Dearest reader, 
My birthday was lovely.  It was simple, productive, and quiet. 
I was enormously touched by all the kind words from friends and family- my people are the best people and I love them ginormously.
My parents arrived this morning and I’m happy to have them here, even though my house isn’t as perfect as I’d like it to be.  Over the next ten days, we will go on many adventures together and I will share those adventures with you, eventually.  I don’t know how often I’ll get to post in these coming days, but I will not forget you.  I will never forget you.
You mean the world to me and I cannot thank you enough for reading.
All my love,

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