The Steeplechase of Life

A little while ago I learned that it’s easier to be miserable than it is to be optimistic and happy.  It maybe hasn’t been super apparent in this space, but I’ve been a right mess recently and a pain in the ass to live with.  Since moving here five and a half months ago (whoa), I’ve given into the easiness of bitterness and misery far too often and when I did, it was all-consuming.  It wasn’t my constant state of being, thank God, but it was a temperament I too often caved to and (this is ugly, prepare yourselves) too often enjoyed.  I learned that it’s easy to be mean, and that, my friend, is why there are so many meanies* in the world. 

Talking to a friend the other day, I listened to the words coming out of my mouth and was astounded.  When did I become this angry person with a harsh word for everything?  When did my easy sarcasm and flippancy take on a biting edge?  Who was this woman who pointed fingers of blame as an answer for her own unhappiness?

Well, whoever that bitch was, I can tell you she no longer resides here at Cox Quarters.  No sir.  I want to achieve great things in this life, I want to make this world a more beautiful place, and I’m going to do it all with a smile on my face and joy in my heart. 

So thank you, everyone, for reading this bizarre tale.  And thank you for cheering me on in the steeplechase of life; I was on a rough turn there for a while but your support has helped me through it and I’ve come out ahead.  As soon as I adjusted my attitude a few days ago, I had people reaching out to me in the most amazing ways. I’ve met new friends, taken advantage of spur-of-the-moment opportunities and have started a great new business venture (with maybe more to come).  Things are great, dear reader, and I’m not going to forget it again. 

So, back to the old me.  Let’s start talking about cocktails again.  And let’s talk about books and art and culture.  Let’s sometimes talk about style, too, because I hate that I’ve become someone who is comfortable in sweatpants and who doesn’t wear lipstick 24/7 and I desperately need to get back to a more stylish life.  While we’re at it, let’s also talk about love in all its variations and let’s have a really really really good time.  Ready? Set. GO! 

*Meanie is a real word in a real Dictionary, not, like, a second-grade slam-book dictionary.  See, isn’t the world wonderful?! 

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