Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, October 9
Costa Del Sol Edition
Whilst in Spain, I really didn’t feel there was any point in getting out of bed until the fog lifted each morning, so every day I dozed in bed until the sun properly came out.
It was gloriously relaxing.
The villa had the most fantastic peep hole in the front door.  I mean, it’s a totally useless peep hole if you want to pretend you’re not home in the event that someone unpleasant comes to visit, but it’s pretty at least. 
The sun was hot and the haze was totally lifted, so I made my way down to the pool.
When I first arrived in Spain, I brought my laptop and two international adapters for my various electronics.  I’m sorry to say that both of these adapters were terrible and, though they worked with my UK electronics, they did not work with my US electronics.  This is weird because they were both bought in the States, but whatever.
David, bless him, stopped at the Apple Store between meetings and bought me an international adapter kit, which thereby allowed me to set up my mobile office on the terrace.
And yes, I enjoyed some iced wine as I did my work because I am fabulous.
I literally broke a sweat and got sore arms from opening and closing these awnings.
Hard at work in my barely there bikini.
 It’s very important that I always have fresh flowers in my office. 
David came home from work around this time and then went off to take a late siesta while I worked on my base tan as well as some slightly more important tasks.
But then my tummy began to grumble so I opened the shades and woke him up so we could get ready for dinner. 
Spain is so colorful.  I want to bottle these greens.
David’s colleagues recommended we go to this little tapas restaurant in Málaga.  After a couple plates I was like, “Umm, maybe we can relocate to somewhere that doesn’t have pig feet hanging on the wall?”
It’s not that this restaurant wasn’t good, it’s just that it was a little too real, if you know what I mean…
So we walked along the boardwalk looking for somewhere else to stop for a bite to eat and a glass of wine.
Eventually, we abandoned our search/stroll and drove to a charming little place where we drank delicious wine, had some snacks and people-watched.  I like that people stay out late in Spain and I like that they always seem to be having a really good time.  So much laughter, so much life!
After our bellies were full, we drove back to our villa and cuddled in bed while we watched Project Runway.  SPOILER ALERT: I think Sonjia was totally robbed.
Like, I can’t even think about it without fuming.
Even though I’ve only been back in the UK for, like, 12 hours, my tan is basically totally gone.
Regardless, I’m happy to be wrapped in cozy sweaters and cuddling with Le Chat, so all is well in Cox Quarters.
Have a great weekend, friends, and thank you for reading!

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