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Fashion Blogging Elsewhere

Remember back to once upon a time when I said that this would never turn into a fashion blog?  Well, for one that’s because I don’t believe in fashion, I believe in style, and two, that is because I get to write about fashion/style/fabulousness all day long for my freelance gigs.  This week, I’m writing about some of my favorite NYFW collections for Samantha House Jewelry and even though spring 2013 feels like a loooooong way off, I’m already getting excited to pair some of my favorite SHJ pieces with next summer’s brights. 

Here’s a sneak peek at some of my current favorites, but I’ll be updating more throughout this week and, when LFW starts on Friday (eeek!), I’ll be updating about that, too! Make sure you check it out. SO MUCH FASHION, SO LITTLE TIME! 

I am totally obsessed with the yellow trousers by Pierre Balmain.  OBSESSED.  I also love yellow-trouser-lady’s haircut.  I’ve been missing my short hair like crazy lately (I’m wearing a topknot today… a TOPKNOT, ugh) and am totally torn between growing it out to mermaid length (so I never have to wear a top again a la Daryl Hannah in Splash) or buzzing it all off.  Like, I literally thought about going bald the other day, but with the weather getting colder, I decided against it.  Also, just no.

Anyway, off to do more fashiony things for more fashiony clients.  FA-la-la-FASHION! 


We’ve been escaping into the woods lately, taking long walks on paths that weave between trees and fallow streams.  When it’s dry, the path is dusty and easy to traverse, but when it’s wet, every step is studied as we maneuver the high ground, avoiding the spots of deep and slippery mud.  It’s quiet- so quiet- in the wood and we often walk with only the hum of insects, the pounding of our hearts, and the noise of our own footsteps sounding our ears.  The air smells of the color green and also of dirt, unless we’re by a stream where you can also smell the natural scent of decay mixed with the sweet scent of fresh water.  Occasionally, voices echo between the trees- a woman calling to her dog or the excited scream of a child- and we spin in place, searching for the source which is hidden by the greenery around us.  When we’re in the wood, we let our senses take over and guide us through.  At first it feels as if we’ll never find our way out, but when we stumble back upon the entrance we’re always sorry to have found ourselves right back at the beginning again. 


Delpy, Mingus, Bitches

If the internet didn’t exist, I would be so productive.  Do you ever feel that way, too?  Like, it’s such a curse that the technology that allows for us to be incredibly adept at what we do and allows us to communicate from all around the globe and seek out endless sources of inspiration and knowledge is also the biggest time suck of our lives.  To make my weekly internet wanderings a little more justifiable, I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorite gems with you and maybe you can share some of your favorites with me.  It’ll be fun!  Let’s begin:

A couple weeks ago, I watched and loved Julie Delpy‘s 2 Days in Paris.  I thought it was charming, witty and unique and really liked Chris Rock in the role of Mingus (what a great name, Mingus).  I’ve always liked Delpy’s work and am so glad she makes movies on her own terms and says ridiculous/not ridiculous things, like she does in this Village Voice article. She’s a force to be reckoned with; I want to have a talk-all-night sleepover with her. Or maybe just a lunch date.  With wine. Or maybe dinner.

Speaking of Mingus, listen to one of my all-time favorite jazz tunes, Fables of Faubus by Charles Mingus (instrumental version, lyric version).  It’s badass.  He’s badass! 

One thing that constantly amazes me is how giving the internet is.  If you want a video compilation of your favorite Breaking Bad characters saying ‘Bitch’, you got it!  David and I have been trying to master the Jesse Pinkman delivery for weeks but we seem to be lacking some of the malice.  As always, practice makes perfect!

When I’m procrastinating on my own creative projects, I like to snoop on the creative people profiled on Freunde von Freunden.  I read a profile or two, fall in love with the studios and homes, and then think, Oh my goodness, what am I doing?! and go back to getting my work done.  Like right now, for instance; back to the sketchbook I go…

Have a great weekend!  xox

Running For The {Tuscan} Hills

I’m having one of those days where I’m just like, I need to move to Italy right now! I mean, Italians don’t have problems, right?  They just enjoy life and hang out whilst being chic as hell (proof here, here, here and here) and eating the most delicious food on earth, right?  Right!

Maybe it’s just the time of year, or perhaps I’m having postpartum-reading depression after finishing Under The Tuscan Sun, but I cannot stop nostalgically thinking of Italy.  I want to eat fresh figs and look out from the terrace over acres and acres of Tuscan vineyards.  I want to work with my hands and spend my vacations on the rocky beaches of Cinque Terre.  I want to hear the quiet as it spreads through the valley, disturbed only by an occasional dog bark or motorbike, and I want to wake up to the sun.  

One day, I will move to Italy.  I will learn to talk with my hands and master the art of making fresh pasta.  David will wander around the garden and I will write in my study with a window overlooking the valley, long-lost secrets buried beneath the soil.  Family and friends will always be visiting and we won’t be shy about putting them to work; together we’ll harvest olives which we’ll have pressed into beautiful oils, we’ll weed the gardens, the bounty of which will fill our stomachs, and tend to the trees in the orchard.  We’ll barter at the markets and drink wine at night under the stars.  That is what I want right now for one day.  

(Photos of badass old guys taken in Cinque Terre in September, 2011.)

Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, September 4
The most important meal of the day, can I get an amen?

We live in the 1800s and only have a washing machine.  No dryer.  All our clothes have to air dry.
We love the environment and the environment loves us.
 Bernadette is thriving.  I don’t know what I’m going to do if she continues to grow at this rate.  If you have any awesome mint recipes, send them my way before my house turns into a jungle!
 Leftover pizza.
I’m not even joking, if someone opened a food truck that served cold, day-old pizza and parked it in my neighborhood, I would eat there every day.  I love leftover, cold pizza.
The glamorous life of Kate Sims…
I looked in the mirror and realized I hadn’t put on my eyebrows yet, so I quickly ran to my makeup bag and penciled them in.  I know, IknowIknowIknow- nobody else can tell if I have penciled in my brows or not, but I can tell, and I think I look terribly boring without them filled in. 
Sometimes, when working from home, it’s really great to just throw on a some leggings and a pair of slipper socks and then curl up with my laptop on the couch, but more often than not, I like to actually get dressed.  A coordinating outfit, some killer shoes and my aforementioned eyebrow ritual all help to make  me feel put together and do better work.
These were my work shoes yesterday.  Bam.
I haven’t named them yet, but let me introduce our new plants to you: Cilantro and Basil.
They’ve only been with us a few days but are already doing great things for our taste buds.
It’s my new mission to turn our home into a greenhouse, or maybe even a working farm. I wonder if our condo association counts goats as pets…
David came home from work!  I pretended he was Don Draper and fixed him a tumbler of whiskey which he drank while I asked him questions about his day without really listening to the answers.
Then he took a nap on the couch, just like Don Draper.  And just like Betty, I sat on the other couch looking perfect and chain smoking cigarettes whilst contemplating the state of my cuticles.
Okay, so maybe I was lying about some of that… but David really did drink a little whiskey and then took a nap.  And I did paint my nails.  Sooo… it was basically the truth.
I changed shoes to go to the grocery store.  These little flats have been good friends to me, but they’re starting to show their age.  I think I’m going to replace them with these beauties: the Jenni Kayne D’Orsay Flat.  Now, I just need to decide on the color… 
Made a simple dinner and then put on our pajamas and settled into a night of Paralympic sport.
The blind football was especially fascinating.  Their coordination was incredible and their dribbling (is that what it’s called?) skills were phenomenal!  In my personal opinion, blind football is a lot more interesting than sighted/normal football.  I wish they showed it more often.
 If you like to feel like an underachieving, whiny piece of crap, than you should definitely check out the Paralympics!  These athletes are amazing.  Remember how I said I was constantly crying during the normal Olympics?  Well, I am beating my chest, ripping my hair out and balling watching the Paralympics!  Even though I’m deathly afraid of amputees (I had a traumatic experience with a grimy amputee back when I was home schooled), my heart is filled with love for all these athletes- even the ones missing all their appendages.  It’s really moving and really really inspiring to watch them compete in these games.
 Then the broadcast ended and the Redcoat and I started talking.  He was wearing this shirt from his stag night that our friend Pete designed (hi, Pete!).  And since we were talking about our dear friend Pete, we decided it would be fun to call him and talk to him.  So we did.  
And then we called a few more people who we hadn’t heard from in ages.
Skype is a wonderful wonderful thing, don’t you think?
Finally, it was bed time.  I’d washed the duvet cover earlier which meant we had to semi-drunkenly attempt one of my least favorite chores ever, putting the duvet cover on the duvet.  In the end we got the job done, collapsed into bed, and slept happily ever after. 
Until this morning, when we both woke up with little headaches.
As always, thanks for reading and sorry I’m not more interesting. 

In The Gloaming

We rented a car last night and tried to make it to the coast in time for sunset.  We didn’t make it, but we got to drive through the gloaming- the countryside first silhouetted by a blushing sky, then a majestic blue.  We reached the rocky beaches of Brighton just as the sky turned black.  We got out of the car and ran down to the water, breathing in the salty air and listening to the waves roll in.  It was perfect.

My freshman year of high school, I read Alice Elliott Dark‘s story In The Gloaming and it finally gave me words to describe that quiet moment between sunset and nightfall- twilight, the blue hour, the gloaming.  It’s a magical time, made all the better when paired with the English countryside and someone you love sitting beside you. 

September Beginnings

September always reminds me of new beginnings. Of pressed shirts, haircuts, and things organized neatly.  It feels much more like a beginning than the cold and dark hangover that is January 1st, and it seems like the perfect time to jump-start projects and collaborations.  I love autumn, and I welcome it and all it brings with wide open arms.  Here’s to getting stuff done.  Oh, and happy Labor Day.  xxx

p.s. I found the above quote by Ingrid Bergman in A.E. Hotchner’s Papa Hemingway.  If we want to do even a quarter of everything we one day want to do, we have to start doing things now.  Onwards!