Tuesday with Moi

Tuesday, September 18
Another day.  Alas.
  This mug doesn’t come into focus until my second or third cup of coffee.
I wish I was someone who loves waking up early, but I’m not.
Big foot on the bath mat.
Isn’t that color terrible?! I’m still working on ridding this house of man-bought monstrosities.
£ it.
About to run errands. 
On said errands, I stopped in Boots where, for the third time in my life, I was exposed to the monstrosity that is Call Me Maybe.   I’m lucky to have largely escaped exposure to the disease that is that song, but it was blasting over the sound system loud and clear and is still, almost a whole day later, stuck in my head.
Is there a remedy?
Somebody, help! 
Whilst in Boots, I did something that I have never done before: I bought a box of hair dye.  Not to sound like a total snob (jk, I am a total snob), but I’ve only ever had my hair professionally colored.  This is largely due to the fact that my mother worked in a salon when I was growing up and, once I entered the work force, I too worked in hair salons.  In this country, for the first time in my adult life, I am without a stylist friend to keep me and my hair in babe-land.  As such, my roots were so long that my hair was basically ombré, which, for those of you scratching your heads, means it was not hot.  This photo does the state of my hair no justice- for the top was a chalky, light brown and the ends were a brassy red.  Terrible, just terrible. 
Now, I never thought I’d resort to coloring my hair myself.  Never.  The shame!! But a couple weeks ago I learned that Dita Von Teese colors her own hair and I thought to myself, if it’s good enough for Dita, it’s good enough for me!  Plus, I always thought it looked really fun.
I bought a box of L’Oreal Preference, crossed my fingers and went for it.
Lady Von Teese says she colors her hair whilst in the nude, but I elected to wear a black body suit instead.
Doing your hair at home is great because you can do work while processing.  Perfect!
And you know what, it actually turned out quite well.  The red tones still shine through the chestnut brown I used, giving my color dimension and depth, and from root to end my hair is a uniform color- a rich and shiney brown.  The entire process, from application to blowdry, only took about an hour (that sure beats going to a salon), and though I’m definitely not going to make a long-term habit out of coloring my own hair (I like having a scalp massage with my shampoo), I certainly enjoyed it this time.  And who knows, maybe I’ll do it again.  It really was quite fun! 
These are our two cigar cases.  They’re really great.
We’re going to fill them with Cubans and take them to Scotland with us this weekend.
This is top-secret.
It’s going to be delicious!
This was taken yesterday as I was writing my post on color.  As I chased a particular phrase in my mind, I glanced down and noticed that my basil plant was glowing on the window sill.  The sun was setting and the greens around me were popping in the most beautiful way against the grayness of the light.  I wanted to bottle that color.
Then my photo alarm went off and this picture happened.
Those glasses
Finishing some work and sniffing dried lavender.
This year, I’ve resorted to stealing my lavender from gardens around town.  Next year, I’m going to grow my own in a big pot on the window sill.
I didn’t change my last name when I got married.  
Because Kate Cox is a terrible name.
I will be a Sims, now & forever.
David and I both finished our work late in the evening and decided to go out for a glass of wine and actually talk to each other for a little while.  Our local bar/pub/whatever has excellent wallpaper and a really reasonable wine list.  If you visit me, I will take you there.
After Wine Time, we came home and watched an episode of Twin Peaks before settling into bed.
I want to be Josie Packard so bad.
Next week, dear reader, my TWM post will be awesome!  Why?  Because I’ll be in Scotland!
So look forward to that.  I know I sure am!
And as always, thanks for reading! xxx

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