A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes*

Do you dream?  I’m one of the lucky/cursed who dreams every night, multiple times.  I’ve woken up laughing, crying, screaming, and drooling.  I’ve killed people in my dreams, I’ve been killed, I’ve fallen in love, and I’ve been betrayed.  I’ve traveled to other planets, I’ve met people I admire, and I’ve been on thousands of adventures.  Sometimes it’s lovely, but usually it’s not.

Right now I’m in the midst of a cycle of terrible dreams.  Brutal, violent, and ugly dreams.  It’s all too familiar that I’ll awaken in the middle of the night, my hands clammy and balled in fists and my whole body stiff with fear.  Instead of simply rolling over and going back to sleep, I lie awake and watch the shadows move across the wall as dawn approaches and the sun begins to rise.  I’m tired, but not sleepy, and it’s not until the room is blushing with the pink of early morning that I can find sleep again.  It’s cruel and exhausting and I wish for just one night that I could sleep a solid eight hours of restful, dreamless slumber.

Thought I’ve been intrigued to do so after particularly bizarre dreams, I’ve never looked into the meaning and symbolism of my dreams.  To be honest, I’m sometimes afraid to learn what these dreams may reveal about me.  Instead, I just accept is as a byproduct of having an overactive imagination or a genetic disposition to channeling certain emotions and fears into my dreams.  Regardless, I’m tired- so so tired- and hope I sleep through the night soon.  I’ll settle for seven hours of really good sleep- maybe even six- but I just want really good sleep.

*If that is true, my heart is a corrupt and troubled organ that is definitely in need of a psychotherapist.

p.s. Has anyone seen Sleepwalk with Me yet?  I’m dying to see it.

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