Tuesday with Moi

Tuesday, September 11
A Day of Remembrance

Gladiolus petals always remind me of betta fish.
Making the Redcoat a cup of coffee.
He takes cream and sugar, I absolutely do not.
Channeling with my inner geisha.
Remember when ‘paint it black‘ was my mantra?  Well, yesterday’s mantra was paint it grey!
Let me introduce you to my grey nail polish and grey lip gloss by Diego Dalla Palma, a super fierce cosmetics brand based in Milan.  I was introduced to the line by a former client, Katrina Hess, whose studio is one of the few in the United States to carry the brand.  The pigments are rich, the pallets are silky, and the finish is perfect.  If you’re in the market for makeup, do yourself a favor and try Diego Dalla Palma, it’ll make you feel like an Italian supermodel and there is nothing more luxurious than feeling like an Italian supermodel, am I right?!
Cat food, cat water.
The Redcoat got a haircut.  He looks so handsome and dreamy!

Wrote the handsome, newly-shorn Redcoat a love note with my fancy pen.
My chalk mug.  It’s funny how some chalk colors fade in the sunlight.  Now I have ombré chalk.
It’s very high fashion!
For all of you who were wondering what grey lip gloss looks like, well, here you have it.  It’s subtle and glossy and beautiful!  Plus, it pairs perfectly with my grey nail polish, grey sweater, and grey C-3PO leggings, which you’ll get a glimpse of in a moment or two…
David made a delicious chorizo and vegetable scramble for dinner which paired beautifully with this bright red table wine.  He’s too good to me.
(Fun Fact: Sometime within the next month or so, you will be able to see and recreate some of David’s culinary creations via his very own blog… v. v. exciting!)

Checking in on Bernadette.  She keeps blossoming and growing, which is absolutely grand.
Our other plant babies, which you met last week, are also thriving.
Operation Greenhouse is well under way!
C-3PO leggings.  Basically black, ribbed leggings with grey denim patches.
They’re kind of weird, but I like them.
And if you didn’t know who C-3PO was without clicking that link, then GET OFF THIS BLOG RIGHT NOW!  I’m serious, if you don’t know C-3PO, you have no place here.
(Fun Fact: Han Solo was my first love and Star Wars makes up, like, 3/4 of my childhood.)
I don’t know why, but we’re making our Tuesday Night Drunk Dial a thing, I guess.
Last night, we talked to a handful of friends in Boston.
Brother Luke, in Montana.
And my pen-pal and real-pal, Natalie, in L.A.
She’s really awesome.
After we talked to a couple more fabulous friends, it was time for bed.
David was asleep by the time I got into the bedroom and was draped all over my side of the bed.
Alas, the life of a married lady!

As always, thank you for taking a peek at my simple little life.
I’m really flattered that you made it all the way to the bottom of this post.
It means a lot.  Really, it does.


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