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I’ve Got Mail… Again

Happy Tuesday, people!

Isn’t today beautiful?!  I mean, I don’t know where you are, but it’s beautiful here.  A little wet, but warm and breezy.  You know what else is beautiful?  I got mail!

How totally adorable is this homemade stationery from my friend Natalie?  So so so cute.  It makes me feel like I majorly need to up my pen-pal game.  Cute(r) stationery, here I come!

(Okay, p.s. The Redcoat has been hogging our iMac and I haven’t had time to scan in pictures of my Olympian drawings, and I know the Olympics are totally o v e r, but I still think I’ll probably post them at some point soonish.  Just deal with it, okay?  Okay.)

Faux Vacation Weekend

I decided to take the weekend off.
No projects, no work, no stress allowed. 
David and I ate pastries in the park. 

We sat at cafes in the sunshine and I gave people the stink-eye from behind my sunglasses.  

And we drank some wine. 
It was a much-needed retreat from our every day lives and I’m glad we did it.

Looking Down, Briefly

Just a piece of sidewalk in Soho that caught my eye and made my wheels start turning.  Inspiration comes in all kinds of unexpected places.  The blue glass just kills me…


This has been a really good week.  David and I both got news that put smiles on our faces and allowed us to feel a little more hopeful about the next couple months.  I mean, things were getting a little dark there for a while and I was beginning to think all my optimism was for naught.  It turns out life really is just as great as I always believed it to be and David and I didn’t ruin our lives by moving to this country.  So yay for all that! 

To everyone who’s been supportive throughout this entire moving process, thank you!  Things aren’t perfect by any means, but they’re looking a damn sight better now and I’m crossing my fingers that the Redcoat and I will be able to disappear somewhere for an actual honeymoon before the year is over… I know it sounds whiny, but we could really use a vacation.  xx

The Ocean

I’ve been missing the ocean a lot this week.  These photos were all taken in February, 2011 on Martha’s Vineyard on a clear, warm day.  The deserted beach was so so beautiful.

When I miss the ocean, I like to watch/listen to this Grey Goose commercial.  It perfectly encapsulates the sounds of a New England summer and makes my heart ache for fresh oysters, lounging on a boat, and letting the ocean rock me to sleep. 

Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, August 7
Boring Edition
So this is really embarrassing, but it took us two- almost three- weeks to hang these pictures.  The one in the middle was painted by my dear friend Angie our freshmen year in college. 

She’s super artistic and amazing.

Weekly shot of Le Chat.  She has the best life ever.

“Paint it black” is kind of my new mantra.  Over the weekend, I painted the bathroom black.  It feels cleaner, now.

Still in the bathroom.  I was doing a hair mask and thinking.  It was deep.

David’s son moved out last week and I’ve taken over his bedroom as a studio.  This gives you a taste of the current state of the room.  Super depressing, no?  I cannot wait to re-paint and turn it into a welcoming, inspirational space.

Being good, drinking water.

The Redcoat and I were suuuuper tired yesterday because I made him watch The Sound of Music with me until 2:00 AM the night before.  I love the Von Trapps and sang along to every song.  Needless to say, our late night with Maria, the Children, and Christopher Plummer made us a little sleepy yesterday and David had to take a nap.

This is what our pictures look like from a different angle.  Love!

Ooops!  I took a nap, too.   My hair is super conditioned, but I’m still sleepy in this picture.  Also, please note my sweater.  IT IS STILL FRIGID HERE, PEOPLE. 

Picking up Indian food.

I always have a notebook and pen with me, just in case…

I’m skipping around here because my life is too interesting and I don’t want to make you jealous.
Actually, I spent all night working and watching the Olympics (surprise surprise!).  I was really into the wolf-man Russian high jumper who won gold.  He was so aggressive and, like, had high jumping autism or something.  Whatever, I totally have a crush on him.  He’s crazy and I love it.
Also, three high jumpers won bronze.  How is that even possible?  I mean, I understand the scoring and know how it’s possible, but why not make the three bronze medalists have a jump-off or something?  It was just too much.  Does the Olympic federation have extra medals hanging around just in case?  Considering they’re giving them away so liberally, can I have one, too?
I don’t want a bronze one, but I’ll have an extra gold.
Hell, I’ll even settle for silver… Please?

After the Olympics were over, I just hung out on the couch and drank more water.
Then I went to bed.
Okay, you guys.  You’re all like, Kate, do not be ridiculous.  Please stop taking stupid pictures of your apartment, your cat, and your super sad life because you’re making me depressed! And I totally hear you.  I promise that next Tuesday I will do something awesome.  Or, awesomer.  PROMISE. 
Okay?  Okay.  Great.
As always, thanks for hanging in there for another week.  xox

My New Favorite Cocktail: Water

Remember yesterday when I said I was going to make some changes in my life so I can be more of a superhuman?  Well, one of those changes is to do something I loathe, which is drinking water.  In my opinion, water is so boring and because I’m always freezing, I generally like to drink things that warm me, like coffee, mint tea, or alcohol.  Unfortunately, drinking only coffee, mint tea and alcohol is not super awesome for my body so I’m taking the plunge and forcing myself to liquify more healthily.  Besides, it’s really difficult to stay hydrated when you’re crying all the time, and you guys, I have a lot to cry about.  I mean, the Olympics are giving me weepy inspirational stories all the time and I just can’t keep it together.  It’s messy, but it’s great.

Anyway, water!  Bernadette has graciously been supplying me with lots of delicious leaves to spruce up the watery taste from the tap for my more mundane water consumption (I’ve also come to learn that Le Chat does not like mint water so she’s stopped sneaking sips from my glass which is a major win).  When I’m feeling fancy, I like to drink sparkling water with some of Bernadette’s offspring and some fresh lemon wedges for a citrusy kick.  This is super yummy and tastes even better if you drink it out of a wine glass because it tricks you into thinking your water is a cocktail which is funfunfun!  When I’m cold- which is always in this sunshine barren country- I can drink hot water with the same ingredients and feel warm. 

So step one has begun!  Please be brave with me as I approach this daunting task of super hydration.  It’s going to be boring, but hopefully really great for my skin and as the Olympians are constantly reminding me, I’m not getting any younger.  :(

So Fresh & So Green Green

Let’s be real- the closest I will ever come to having a baby is having my mint plant.  I mean, I have a cat, which I suppose is more like a baby than a plant is considering it’s a living, breathing organism that pukes a lot and always needs to be fed, but the cat is more David’s than it is mine so the cat is his baby.  The mint plant, however, is mine all mine, and she is GINORMOUS these days!  (I’m an excellent mother, what can I say?)

Over the weekend, I decided my plant- who from this point forward will be referred to as Bernadette- needed a new home to stretch and grow her roots, so I turned an old paint can into a planter and adorned it with ribbon (many thanks to Brent for the pretty chevron ribbon!).  I can already tell that she loves her new home and both of us are super happy.

Other than painting my bathroom, replanting Bernadette, crying, and cleaning, all I did this weekend was watch the Olympics.  While the Olympics are obviously super inspiring, they also make me feel fat, old, and really under-motivated.  Like, there are people with blades for limbs who are running 400m sprints in way less than a minute while I have two perfectly normal legs and complain when I have to walk up stairs while carrying groceries.  Not hot.  So, last night as I stuffed myself with chips and salsa whilst watching the Athletics, I decided that I’m going to start making a couple changes in my life.  Changes that will help my posture, healthily allow me to release some stress, and become a little more of a superhuman.  I mean, nobody’s going to give me a gold medal for anything I do, but if I do it right, maybe I’ll be able to buy myself some diamonds or a car, or something.  Though I definitely don’t want a car in this country unless I have a full-time driver, too.  Driving on the left hand side of the road scares the shit out of me…. for realz.

Anyway, I hope you find it within you to become a better superhuman, too.  Together, let’s rule the world!  xoxoxo

5 Months

Espresso-fueled strolls through London make me happy. 


The Redcoat and I have been married 5 months today.  It’s really not a big deal, I know, but it’s insane to think about how much has happened in those five months.  I mean, it’s August!  We’ve lived in the UK for almost three months!  I’ve started freelancing and David has shaved off his beard.  I have long hair and have started writing again.  We eat most of our meals at home.  I sleep late and go to bed early.  We do DIY projects and have a mortgage.  I mean, who are we?

It’s been surreal, to say the least.  It’s like that Talking Heads song, Once in a Lifetime, and I have found myself living in another part of the world and I’m asking myself, well, how did I get here?  Of course, I know how we got here, but it still doesn’t feel real.  Despite the fact that everything has changed, everything still feels exactly the same.  It’s as if everything is happening just as it should but it’s all really weird.  But good.  But weird.

So there’s that.

Goldfish on the Edge

On Monday I visited The National Gallery for the first time.  I’d agreed to meet a new friend there who happens to have a Masters in Art History and strolling through the galleries with her was like being on my own personal docent tour.  She pointed out influential pieces and explained the technical skill behind the work; though we didn’t see all of the museum (impossible!), she gave me a terrific introduction to the Gallery’s bountiful collection.

As we meandered past amazing works by Titian and Raphael, Da Vinci and Monet, one piece especially jumped out at me, A Girl at a Window by the French artist Louis-Léopold Boilly.  What struck me first about the piece was the fact that it’s composed entirely in black and white.  It feels crisp and modern despite the fact that it’s over two hundred years old, and I was immediately quite taken with it (I mean, those goldfish!). 

After watching a terrifying amount of the Olympics the other night, my live-feeds fell silent so I began a search for more of Boilly’s work and was delighted with the results!  His pieces are flirtatious and sweet, silly yet truthful.  They maintain a spirit that is almost modern and capture moments that were charmingly unusual- in fact, the scope of his work reminds me of Norman Rockwell a little bit, in that it is a combination of intimate daily-life portrayals, more commercial crowd scenes and some lovely silliness.  I shall stop my blabbering as my opinions about art are incredibly unfounded and generally don’t go far beyond “pretty!” or “Mmmmm?”,  but I simply just wanted you to know that I love Boilly and I’m excited to have come to learn of his work.

Tuesday w/Moi

Tuesday, July 31
Olympics Edition

I spent my first wakeful hours yesterday morning in bed with my laptop, catching up on some work and drinking copious amounts of coffee.  Delightful!

My mint plant is scary big and has just started sporting these delicate periwinkle blossoms.  Guess my green thumb deserves a gold medal!  Unless of course this is a bad thing… I suppose I ought to look into this further…

Our leather couch is covered in ring marks from people putting beverages on the arms.  At first these rings annoyed me, but I’ve recently given into them and, in the spirit of the Olympics, I’m pretty gung-ho about them.  It’s like an explosion of Olympic rings right on my couch! Coooooool.

For all of you who are not in the UK and are watching the Olympics wondering why Beach Volleyball players are donning wet suits and why audience members are wearing parkas, it’s because it is winter in the UK.  I sat huddled in a giant wool sweater all day yesterday and I was inside.  For real, you guys, it is cold.

I painted my toenails navy blue.  GO AMERICA, GO!

As I said yesterday, I am totally into badminton this year.

I also really enjoy Men’s Volleyball.  Those guys defy gravity, it’s ahhhmazing!

Diving is also one of my favorites.  Especially synchronized diving!

I was totally invested in the Tsonga vs. Raonic match yesterday afternoon.  I took this photo when the score was 18 – 17 in the third set.  I’d never really seen Raonic play before but I fell a little bit in love with the 21 year-old Canadian as he stayed poised and consistent against the #6 in the world.  In the end, he lost the match 25 – 23, but he put in a tremendous effort and I’m really looking forward to watching his career unfold.

All of a sudden I was like, Oh my goodness, it’s so late and all I’ve done today is watch the Olympics!
But there was so much to watch, so many athletes to fall in love with, and so many wonderful stories to weep at, so I just kept watching… 

This is how I feel every time an athlete I like loses.

SO ANXIOUS watching the Men’s 4x200m Freestyle Relay last night.
SO HAPPY when Team USA swam like dolphins and won the gold!

Contrary to what this post may lead you to believe, I did in fact leave the flat yesterday.  Early in the evening, I briefly left to purchase a bottle of vino for David and I to enjoy as we sat on our bums eating ginger biscuits and watching the Olympics.

We closed-out the night with the Beach Volleyball.  Here we are watching the men’s match, which the cute Italians sadly lost to the domineering Austrians with bad tattoos.  After, we watched the American ladies beat the Dutch.  I definitely believe there’s a correlation between the amount of clothes a player wears and their winning a Beach Volleyball match, for both teams that played in wet suits (basically) got their asses kicked last night.
And that was my Tuesday!  I’m working on a more comprehensive collection of Olympics illustrations that I will share in the next couple days.  Until then, please know that I will be sitting on my couch and cheering on all the Americans and underdogs competing in these wintery Summer Games.