Olives & Grace

A little over a year ago, I met a really wonderful woman named Sofi Madison.  She was a client at the salon and, at the time, was working on a innovative corporate gifting idea that focused on local artisans and handcrafted, thoughtful goods.  I’ll be honest, when Sofi was telling me about her vision, I fell a little bit in love.  It’s like she was speaking to my soul and I knew she was onto something good.  Well, Sofi just opened a beautiful store on the corner of Tremont and Pembroke in Boston’s South End called Olives & Grace.

The next time you need a housewarming present, a thank you gift, or a special treat for yourself, please visit Olives & Grace.  People like Sofi and stores like O&G change communities, impact the lives of the artisans they work with, and are truly wonderful places that deserve truly wonderful customers such as yourself.  So visit.  And then tell me all about it, because I’m dying to hear more details!

p.s. She sells Lemon and Sea Salt Popcorn by Quinn Popcorn, an organic (and super cool) microwave popcorn company based in Massachusetts, and I think that sounds like eating heaven.  For realz.
p.p.s. Visit O&G on Facebook, too.

(photo via Olives & Grace)

Olives and Grace is located at 81 Pembroke Street and is open Tuesday- Sunday from noon- 8 pm. 

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