Just Call Me Mary Poppins, or Whatever

One of my clients (and, after years of working together, dear dear friends) is executing a major re-branding this week, complete with a move to a new location.  I am proud of this client, I am invested in this client, and I am excited for their new beginning, so it is killing me that I’m not there to help them coordinate the inevitable challenges that are presenting themselves in person.  Dealing with lackadaisical phone and internet companies, untimely inspectors, and last-minute workmen whilst organizing a staff and still maintaining great customer service is a challenge, people!  And that’s just a fraction of what goes down when you undergo something big big big like this.

If I could fly in for a couple days to help arrange things, field media calls and make sure everything is running correctly, and then open my umbrella and whisk myself black to England to resume my hands-off work, I would do it in a heartbeat.  The place will be spectacular no matter what (for realz), but I still wish I could get down and dirty in helping with the finishing touches.

Alas, I am here.  :(


p.s. If I ever were to pull a Mary Poppins, I would definitely choose an umbrella by Two Penny Blue.  This Ms. Starlet Umbrella, featured above, suits me quite well, I think…

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