Candlelit Birthdays & Fabulous Friends

I was going through some photos and happened upon these, taken at a candlelit dinner to celebrate our dear friend Coco‘s birthday just a few days before we moved.  These pictures make my heart ache for my friends in the states, for lavish dinner parties and impromptu photo shoots.  I miss the hustle of the city and the nights we spent together- our conversation fueled by laughter and cocktails- that always ended with big hugs and promises to see each other soon soon soon.

This time, it’s not soon enough.

I miss you, friends.  So so much.  xx

2 thoughts on “Candlelit Birthdays & Fabulous Friends

  1. Hepcat1920

    :hug: We miss you also. Keep in mind that the UK is tons of fun also! You will love it even more in time. Just remember how you liked living in Europe the last time. Love you!!

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