The Good News

The Redcoat is employed again! 

Yay, we won’t have to move into a cardboard box and live off rodents that we trap and cook over bin-fires! YAYAYAY!  No, but seriously, we’re really excited.  And instead of being a super stressed evil stepmother who is hypersensitive and irritable, I’m going to start trying to be a really chill evil stepmother, one who is hospitable, friendly and open.  Maybe I’ll start baking cookies and wearing kitten heels…  Who knows!

With David working, I’ll have a lot more alone-time so I’ll be able to crank up my music and be weird and creative without interruption, which is great.  David hasn’t worked in nine months (oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s been that long) and we’ll probably go through some separation anxiety after being together all. the. time. for that space of time, but we’re thrilled to be weening off each other and moving on with our lives.  And I really have to say, David worked his ass off* to get this job.  To get any job!  His job-hunt was a full-time position and I’m so proud of his determination and hard work.  Together, we’ll be able to grow roots and build a future here.  So we’re really excited.  So excited!  Finally.

Okay, that’s all.  BYE. 

*Not literally.  He still has an ass.  It’s cute. 

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