Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, August 14
I know I complain about my Hobbit town a lot, but it really isn’t super terrible.  I mean, there are some treasures to be found amongst the chain stores and blah boutiques.  One such treasure is a patisserie called La Roche.  The space itself is bright and elegant, with a long marble counter and a beautiful crystal chandelier.  While the pastries are delicious, my real weakness is their beautiful rye bread.  I’m obsessed.
I bought this book on a trip to London last year and, after arriving stateside, completely forgot about it.  I’ve recently picked it up again and am really enjoying Davis’ short sketches and stories.
They’re crisp and unexpected, which I like a lot.
Okay- I’ve been meaning to post this for ages: You guys, when I was unpacking boxes after the move I found this top.  I did not purchase this top and had never seen it before pulling it out of a box.  It’s from ASOS, is a size large, and appears to be warn loved.  Is this top your top?  Do you want it back? How did I end up with it? SO MYSTERIOUS!
David and I ran some errands in town and walked up a street I’d never noticed before.
It was cute, I guess.
We stopped for cappuccino and a sandwich at an Italian deli on the High Street.  We sat at a cafe table on the sidewalk and watched all the geriatrics walk by.  I really like old people and there are a lot of them in my town.  Old people on bikes, old people walking slower than snails, old people having lunch, old people holding hands, old people waiting for the bus… They’re everywhere! 
I like to buy my flowers from a little stand next to the train station. They only take cash, so David and I dug deep in our pockets and were pleased to find we had enough for these pretty gladiolus.
They remind me of storks and I think they’re elegant.
Le Chat is in love with this exhibitionist black cat who gyrates below our window.  Le Chat would very much like the chance to go outside and play with this black cat but I forbid it, which makes her whine incessantly and give me desperate looks like this one.
I made some stationery.
Then I started a letter.
But my letter writing was interrupted by a Skype marathon with one of my dearest friends and then with my mother.  Letters are great, but I’m still super thankful for Skype.
Ladies, do yourself a favor and marry a guy who can cook.
Unless you really like cooking, in which case, do yourself a favor and marry a guy who likes to do dishes.
Don’t let the long sleeves fool you, yesterday was actually kinda warm.
To celebrate, we drank a dry rosé.
(There’s always something to celebrate…)
The Redcoat and I used to play Scrabble all the time.  We’d play at bars, on picnics, on planes, at home, etc.  When he got an iPhone, he started playing Words With Friends with everyone he’s ever met and stopped playing real Scrabble with me.
Last night, he suggested we play a real game of Scrabble.
It was so fun!
Until I lost and became grumpy.
But I’m never mad for long and in the end I forgave him for beating me winning.
We finished our wine and went to sleep, or whatever.

As always, thank you for reading!

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