Looking Down, Briefly

Just a piece of sidewalk in Soho that caught my eye and made my wheels start turning.  Inspiration comes in all kinds of unexpected places.  The blue glass just kills me…


This has been a really good week.  David and I both got news that put smiles on our faces and allowed us to feel a little more hopeful about the next couple months.  I mean, things were getting a little dark there for a while and I was beginning to think all my optimism was for naught.  It turns out life really is just as great as I always believed it to be and David and I didn’t ruin our lives by moving to this country.  So yay for all that! 

To everyone who’s been supportive throughout this entire moving process, thank you!  Things aren’t perfect by any means, but they’re looking a damn sight better now and I’m crossing my fingers that the Redcoat and I will be able to disappear somewhere for an actual honeymoon before the year is over… I know it sounds whiny, but we could really use a vacation.  xx

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