Oysters & Olympics

David and I treated ourselves to some oysters whilst in London recently.  They were harvested in the north and were surprisingly creamy, like poached eggs with warm, runny yolks.  They tasted like calm salty pools and made my heart ache for New England, for the beaches and humidity and the sounds of the ocean.  We drank a bottle of crisp white wine and then left to meet a friend.


The Olympics are in full-swing and I feel incredibly fortunate to be in (and near) London in the midst of the games!  I’m thankful the BBC doesn’t break for commercials (sorry everyone in the States…) and love how thorough the coverage is.  The Olympics have always inspired great emotion within me and I’m constantly weeping with happiness at the sportsmanship and pride of the athletes.  They have accomplished truly great feats and I’m so inspired by their dedication and hard work.  And here I go getting teary again…. it’s just so beautiful! That being said, the Opening Ceremony was not beautiful, except at the very end when the fireworks went off and a group of us ran up my friend’s fire escape to watch the stadium alight on the other side of the city.  The sky flashed with light and for a moment we felt like we were at the center of the Universe.  That moment was beautiful, very beautiful indeed.

What’s been your favorite part of the Olympics this year?  I’m hopelessly addicted to badminton…

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