Tuesday with Moi

Tuesday, July 17
 Got out of bed laaate.  I have a good excuse, promise.
(No, I actually don’t,  That’s a lie.)
These are the shoes I wore out for David’s birthday the night before (also the shoes I wore for my wedding).  Naturally they were in the middle of the floor yesterday morning, right where I’d kicked them off.  Whenever I take my shoes off, it looks like a murder scene.  They’re always wonkily abandoned and I just know that one day someone will see them and start searching nearby dumpsters for a body.
Instead they’ll just find me.  Alive, hopefully…
Remember when I said I was working on a top-secret new project?  Remember when I said I was going to write a book?  Well, secret’s out and I’m writing (and illustrating) that book.  Yesterday was a work day.
Looking for that one photo I needed for my project.  Could not find it.  Of course.
I kid, I kid, kid.
But I’d just gotten out of the shower and my photo alarm went off and then this picture happened.
I’m like a more demure (& less talented) Lena Dunham.  :/
This is David’s clock.  It’s from an old train station in Cambridge.  We do not wind the clock, so that was not the actual time.  It hangs above our kitchen sink.
Every day at 15:00 I either need to get out of the house or take a nap.
I don’t like napping and on my walk yesterday I found this mini apple tree.
Mini things are soooo cuuuuute!
Back at home, sketching and story-boarding.
This drawing perfectly illustrates how I feel about this English summer.

Annnnd, more.

Had just finished a sketch of Big Ben and was waiting for my computer to ring for my Skype date with Vandie, who is adorbs to the extreme.  Always so punctual, she called approximately thirty second later.  It was so good to see her sweet face and hear her sweet voice!


I don’t eat dessert very often, but I couldn’t let David have the pleasure of polishing off the Half Baked all on his own…  I poured cold coffee over mine and it was yumstrordinary!
(Yumstrordinary is a real word, by the way.)
(No, no it’s not.  Don’t listen to me.  Ever.)
And yes, that is Little Spoon, which is a spoon I’ve been eating with since infancy.  I’ve moved it all over the world with me and I still lovelovelove it. When David uses it for something simple like stirring his coffee it outrages me.  He does not understand that Little Spoon is a special spoon for special things, but I guess most people don’t have strong feelings toward spoons and can’t relate…

The light was dying but my mint plant is thriving!
I need to re-pot it because it’s growing like a monster and needs water constantly.

I stole some lavender on my walk and I kept it next to me to make my life more fragrant as I worked.

I love lavender.
And then, dear reader, I am appalled to admit that I spent the entire rest of the night watching 24.
David’s forcing me to watch it with him and as much as I’m constantly rolling my eyes and pleading with him to turn it off, I just. can’t. stop. watching.
I hate it.
But I love it.
But really, I hate it.
 I also hate Keifer Southerland’s blonde hair.  It’s fakeyfakeyfakey and I just can’t stand for that.
His voice bothers me a little bit, too.
A lot a bit, actually.
To balance the fact that I wasted precious hours watching 24, I enhanced my life by watching the video for No Doubt’sSettle Down‘ and it was ahhhmazing!  If you only know one thing about me, know this: I love Gwen Stefani.  She’s the perfect combination of ladylike & tomboy badass.  And did you know that she’s 42 years-old?!  When she said “I’m just a girl & that’s all that I’ll ever be”, bitch meant it because she looks just as youthful and fabulous as ever.  Not that 42 is old, it’s just that Stefani seems to have accomplished agelessness and she’s rockin’ around as mightily as ever. In fact, the entire band looks great and I’m stoked they have a new album coming out.
I hope I’m one fourth as hot as Gwen at 42.  Or ever.  Also, I want/need/have-got-to-have her pants in the ‘Settle Down’ video.  For realz, they are amazing.
Anyway, thanks for taking a peek at my super mundane Tuesday.  And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL MOTHER today.  If you know her, give her a call and tell her how special she is!

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