Weekend Walk

My wonderful friend Greg was in town for a fast and furious 24 hours on Friday and I spent the day strolling the city and dodging rain showers with him and the Redcoat.  The photos above were all taken in Chelsea.  I have a major soft spot for the vine-covered home in the top photo on the left.  I bet the people who live there are really lovely.  They probably have a library stocked with first edition hardcovers and collect art from around the world.  She probably has the elegance and composure of Maryl Streep and he still wears tweed waistcoats and gets his hair cut by a proper barber.  They probably laugh a lot and always have someone staying in the guest bedroom.  They are probably fabulous! 

Speaking of fabulous, today is David’s birthday!  He’s being all grumpy and quiet about it, but I’ll force some tequila down his throat and do what I can to cheer him up.  I’m a lucky lady to have such an upstanding gentleman as a husband and I think he’s worthy of celebration every day.  LET THE PARTY BEGIN!  

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