Tuesday w/Moi II

I bought this book at a used bookstore last week because I just can’t turn down Hemingway.  I love him! Why? Because Hotchner describes him of having a fear of the telephone, because he always wore an old Nazi belt which was too wide for his belt loops, so he wore it over them, and because he said incredibly wise things very simply, such as, ‘Never confuse movement with action.’  Also, Hemingway is basically synonymous with ‘badass’ and I like that, too.  And he was a great writer.
During my years working in a salon, I became very particular about the products I use to keep my hair healthy and gorgeous (no really, I love my hair, though it’s in desperate need of a color soon).  Every ten days or so, I use Rene Furterer Complex 5 on my scalp and Karite Oil on my follicle to keep my head moisturized and healthy.  These plant extract oils have the added bonus of smelling heavenly, making them a morning indulgence that I look forward to between treatments.  Yesterday was one of those special mornings and I lit a candle to celebrate (sidenote: I prefer candlelight when I’m showering, it makes everything so soft and lovely!).
It was a long time coming, but I finally got around to hanging my earring rack and kimono yesterday.  Slowly but surely this apartment is coming together to become a home.
Made a shopping list.  We needed a lot of soap!
In town, I found a little street paved with rocks that reminded me of the surface of an oyster shell.  It made my heart ache for the ocean.
I didn’t end up buying any flowers on my shopping trip, but I did buy a mint plant which is almost as good!  I’m definitely going to make a pitcher of minty lemon fizzy water this afternoon.
Skyping with my Dad.  He’s in Australia right now.  Our family is a time-zone nightmare!
The English don’t call French Presses French Presses, they call them Cafetieres.  Weird.  Also, I miss my Moccamaster so so so much!  We fried the motor when we plugged it into our UK outlet (with an adapter, mind you) and it’s sadly beyond repair.  As is my heart.
Checking-in on Le Chat.  She has the best life ever, no?
David came home!  I still get excited when I see him after a day spent apart.
I made Aperol cocktails with prosecco and soda water.  Like an Aperol Spritz, minus the ice.  More on this later in the week…
Cowboy dinner.
Got lost in my work and forgot to take a picture at 21:00, OOPS!
I like to think that Lula and Samantha House Jewelry are going to be good friends.  Girl of my dreams, indeed!
Thank you for sharing my Tuesday with me, friends!  I think I need to get over my penchant for left-leaning paper-goods, no?  It’s so painfully obvious that I’m right-handed!

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