I’ve Got Mail, Part II

Not only do I have mail, I also have a PEN-PAL!  Her name is Natalie and she’s super awesome.  She and I became friends once upon a time in college and we bonded right away over our shared love of beautiful handmade things (she’s much better at creating them than I, however), cooking, and vintage housewares.  When she proposed that we becomes international pen-pals, I agreed immediately and am so pleased I did!  Just a few days ago I received this adorable card in the mail and even though it’s rainy, it put a big huge smile on my face!

Having a pen-pal has taught me that I can no longer write in neat, straight lines on blank paper, I still write letters with the emotional depth of a high school note, and I need to make some cute stationary as soon as humanly possible!  I must say, too, that the act of writing a letter is very cathartic and introspective- it’s like shooting with film, and every word has to be intentional.  I’m so excited to continue this letter exchange with my dear friend and am also excited to build up my finger muscles again!

In her letter to me, Natalie wrote that a man (fully grown) stood in front of her at the post office with two sheets of paper in his hand.  When he got to the counter, he asked the postperson how to mail them.  HAHAHA!  People are so funny.  And Natalie always has great stories!

Now, I must hip-hop away to finish adorning my hat for Ascot tomorrow!  Right now it smells like spray paint but I’m hoping that will change overnight, otherwise I’ll be wandering the racing grounds with a very serious contact high.  EEEK!

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