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I’ve started a new initiative for the blog.  The idea struck me as I was cruising through Sandra Juto‘s blog and came across her One Photo Every Hour, Monday post.  What I love about Sandra’s photography is that she captures the little things in life- a balcony, a flower, a crack in a teacup- and she has such an authentic point of view which she charmingly communicates both verbally and visually.  Reading her posts makes me wish I could join her for an eight hour-long walk through Berlin.

As I look for projects and work here in the UK, I sometimes feel as if my life isn’t as interesting as it was in Boston, where I was surrounded by inspiring friends, colleagues and clients.  Of course, it’s my job to make my life interesting, so I’ve decided to challenge myself every Tuesday to take one photo on the hour for every hour that I’m awake.  I will give myself one minute to take the photo (from the time the clock hits x:00 to x:01) and will try my best to make the most of where I am and focus my lens on something interesting.

Yesterday was my first attempt at my new challenge.  Some of the photos are okay, and a lot of them are terrible but I’m excited to train my eye and get better at this exercise as each week goes by.  Not only does it inspire me to find beauty wherever I am, it also inspires me to do things that are beautiful so you lot don’t think I’m the most boring person on earth every Wednesdays when I post my photos.  So let’s begin, shall we?

Date: Tuesday, June 19
Le Chat gazing out the window in our bedroom.  I woke up half an hour before (I know, lazzzzzy) and was getting some work done in bed before heading into London with David.
 Literally running out the door to make it to the station in time for the 10:21, which we missed by 30 seconds due to a ticket mix-up.  Do you like our weird Garfield Hooters sign above the door?
I don’t, either.
On the train to London.  We were in a coach full of The Very Elderly.  Lots of newspapers and balled-up tissues, which I chose not to photograph.  Instead, here’s a picture of one of David’s stacking creations.  He likes to stack stuff in piles.  It’s cute.
Enjoying a baguette and latte at Spreads on Pall Mall.  I was so hungry when I got off the train that I stumbled into the first independent-looking cafe I could find.  It was very simple but wonderful and reminded me of a NYC deli.  I like that they make crispy bacon the American way.  YUM.
Walking paste the Animals in War Memorial before heading into Hyde Park.
Trying on clothes at Harrod’s.  I had some gift cards to spend…
Walking to meet David in Green Park.  The sky clouded over and I was glad I had a jacket with me.
I literally thought I was going to pull a LiLo and have to be hospitalized for dehydration, so David and I stopped in a little cafe near the train station for some sparkling water and a snack.  And maybe a glass of wine, too…  I really like the Berger bottle.
“I want to see teeth”
I don’t know?
Back on the train.  Ready for an Adventure?
In a cab home after stopping at the grocery store. Most people don’t tip cabbies here, but David and I do it anyway. I can’t help it, I’m just so impressed they actually know where they’re going!
Trying on my outfit for Ascot, which is this Saturday.  Don’t worry, I’ll paint my toenails before I go…
Getting some work done & Skyping with my mother whilst drinking tea.
David and I have been watching Spooks in the evenings lately.  We’re in the 3rd season now but it’s just not the same without Mr. Darcy (Spoiler Alert!).
Cuddling with Le Chat before bed.

One thought on “Tuesday w/Moi

  1. Anonymous

    I love the skirt you wore on your outing! Perhaps “I want to see teeth” means they want people smiling….
    Love you, have fun at Ascot – I want to hear all about it.


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