Hotel Bar

After dinner last night, David, Ben and I bundled up and walked down to our local Hotel Du Vin for some whiskey and a cigar.  What I’ve always liked about Hotel Du Vin is the way they thoughtfully convert old spaces into comfortably luxurious hotels.  Yes, sometimes the hallways are a bit wonky or you feel as if the stairs could be a little hazardous, but that’s a part of their charm.  Instead of building a super modern hotel with an old-worldy facade, they actually amend the space so you feel as if you’re visiting something that isn’t exactly old, but definitely doesn’t belong to this modern world.  They create special spaces, and I’ve always enjoyed visiting their hotels, though I’ve never actually stayed at one.  

I also like that they’re  mindful of creating quality bistro, bar, and outdoor spaces, too.  David and I often go just for the cigar huts, which are complete with open air breezes, heated floors, and fireplaces so you can comfortably smoke no matter what the weather.  Best of all, their staff know how to make a proper drink.  You don’t have to coach the bartender as they clumsily put together a Manhattan, and you don’t need to sit anyone down and explain the difference between rye whiskey and bourbon- they know their stuff.  Plus, they’re very attentive, which is a major rarity in this country.  It’s for this reason that I am declaring my little Hobbit Town’s Hotel Du Vin as our new Franklin- our new Hotel Bar.  See you there, maybe. 

p.s. How badass are my Evil Stepmother nails?   Guys, I got this position on lock-down.

p.p.s.  Many thanks to Christa Young for giving David and I such a lovely cigar to share.  We’re already looking forward to smoking the next one!  Perhaps on a summer evening in a London park…

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