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On Saturday, our 15 boxes of stuff arrived from America.  Having our things here allows me to finally feel as if I actually live here at Cox Quarters, and I’m not just a strange visitor.  I’ve had a fun (and frustrating) time arranging everything in the new space and slowly our flat is becoming our home.  Obviously I have my favorites amongst my processions, and I wanted to share some of My Favourite  Favorite Things with you.  I’m so so happy to have them back in my life!

  1. The only things I actually collect (barring shoes) are Blanton’s Bourbon bottle stoppers.  Did you know that each bottle of Blanton’s comes with a horse and jokey bottle stopper and on each stopper is a letter which, when you have a complete set, will spell out Blanton’s?  David and I have been collecting the stoppers for a little over a year, and it wasn’t until a week before our move that we completed our set (thanks for the bourbon, Lauren!).  I’ve seen Blanton’s at a couple bars in London, but have yet to find a place that serves it in my little Hobbit Town, though my local liquor store said they’d special order some for me, which I must remember to do soon!  
  2. It is so comforting to have my books back!  Books are like old friends and even if I neglect them from time to time, it’s always nice to look over at my book shelf and fondly remember their stories.  I love the tangibility of books and have always found the written word to be enormously inspiring. 
  3. I was very worried that my vintage champagne glasses, and ice bucket would arrive in hundreds of little pieces after being jostled around during the move.  Luckily, they all arrived in pristine condition and are ready for use!  Not only do I love them because they’re pretty, but they’re especially dear to me because they were wedding gifts from my parents.  I’m excited to share more pictures of them with you when I shoot some at-home mixology posts… Oh, they are so so glamorous!
  4. My vintage mink stole still takes my breath away.  As you can see in the second picture, the lining is frayed and in need of repair, but I can hardly bring myself to get rid of the sweet original monogramming.  Sentiment aside, I think it’s almost time to make the fur mine and get it re-lined and re-monogrammed, this time with my own initials!  (If anyone has a recommendation for a great fur restorer in London, I’d be glad to hear it!)
  5. I have gone the last month without wearing heels!  Well, that’s not entirely true- I’ve had one pair with me, but I’ve been missing my collection of wonderful sky-high footwear!  I’ve especially been missing these Isola pony hair leopard booties.  When the weather cools down, I’ll definitely be wearing them with white denim and black tank tops.
  6. These Proenza Schouler sandals are slightly more practical for summer and I’m so pleased to have them back in my closet (and on my feet).  I was absolutely enamored with these sandals last summer and I’m excited to see what adventures they take me on this year, too. 
  7. And finally, my kimono, which my dad bought for me ages ago on a trip to Japan.  In my world, I wear this kimono as a house coat and can be found most mornings with it wrapped tightly around me as I sip coffee and fiddle around on my laptop.  I LOVE my kimono.  My mornings were definitely not the same without it. 

p.s. Happy Memorial Day to everyone in the States!  Between sips of your margarita, I urge you to take a moment to honor those who have served and protected our amazing homeland.  THANK YOU, GUYS!  xoxo

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Things

  1. who-knew

    I see you have John Donne in your stack of favorite things. I’ve always liked the Holy Sonnets, particularly ‘From the round earth’s imagined corners’. (who-knew, that’s your Uncle Tom)

    1. Kate

      John Donne is my favorite poet and has been for ages. I remember arbitrarily picking up a book of his work in a Barnes & Noble in high school and falling in love with the words. My all-time favorite is ‘The Canonization’- it made love seem bold, and worth fighting for, and I’ve carried that poem with me for many many years.

      This book, specifically, is super special to me. David bought it for me on a business trip very early in our relationship after I bored him one night and made him listen to me read poetry. It’s from the Seattle University Library and there is a big blue ‘DISCARDED’ stamped on the bottom of the pages. I really like all the old English spellings and typography, too.

      Anyway, thanks for reading! I hope your summer in Wisconsin is off to a fantastic start!


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