The Bait and Switch… Or Something

Perhaps you’ve noticed something different about the look of this site… if you’re having trouble putting your finger on what, it’s just the big huge picture of my face up top.  You see, when I started this blog, I knew I wanted to do something that would allow me to reach out to my people- whomever they may be- in an authentic and engaging way.  Initially, I had grand plans of writing about the trials, tribulations and triumphs that come with running a small business in addition to writing about my life* and the things I like.  In the last few months, it was becoming clear to me that I was having trouble focusing my writing because this space didn’t feel enough like me- in the back of my head I kept thinking Kate, you have to make it more business-ey, focused and informative and that made me feel stressed instead of excited about writing a post.  Though things have changed since I started writing in January, the premise I started with has stayed the same and even from the get-go, I knew a few things for certain:

  1. I wanted to generate all my own content and post my own photos, work, etc.  If, for whatever reason, I put together an inspiration post and feature the work of someone else, I will absolutely give them credit. The internet is for sharing, not stealing, amiright? 
  2. In addition to writing about my life and work, I want to use this space to feature people and businesses who are doing a great job of doing something creative, exciting, and unique.  It’s important to me that this space focuses on optimism and authenticity and it’s my dream that it somehow allows for the world to become a more beautiful place, even if it is in a super small way. 
  3. Cocktails are going to play a big role in the content on this site.  I haven’t quite gotten my bearings- or my cocktail glassware- in this country, but as soon as I do you can be sure to see a lot of booziness right here!
  4. Sometimes I will get serious and, seeing as I do consult with small businesses to help them focus their brand and creatively engage with their clients**, I will sometimes talk about the trials, tribulations and triumphs of small businesses.  It won’t be all I talk about, but I will certainly touch on it from time to time.  
  5. This space is going to be fun.  FUN FUN FUN.  At least for me it will be… but I sincerely hope you have fun, too.  

So, there you have it- a slightly improved version of what was.  Hurray! 

And many thanks to the handsome gent below for taking my new photo and for putting up with me for many many many hours yesterday.  Ollie Reimann, you are a shooting star!

*Having recently moved continents, I find blogging to be a great way to let my far-away friends and family know what I’m up to.  Regardless of whether or not people find it interesting, it’s a way for me to feel more connected to the world and allows me to flex some creative muscle. 
**Shameless plug.  Sorry. (Actually not sorry.)

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