To catch you up on the last 24 hours:

  • Our darling kitten was denied flight approval at the airport last night.  Not because she didn’t pass her medical exam or because she was misbehaving, no no no…  She was denied access because her cage was too small.  Though the carrier we had allowed her to stand, comfortably turn around, eat, drink, and travel domestically within the United States (keep in mind that a flight from Boston to California is longer than a flight from Boston to London), it didn’t allow her to do jumping jacks or run on a treadmill (which, you know, we humans are given enough room to do when we fly…), so she was denied access to fly with us.  This has been upsetting for me and David for a number or reasons, but we are incredibly thankful to a number of amazing friends who have taken care of Le Chat, purchased a new carrier for her, and have loaded her onto tonight’s flight to the UK so we will be able to receive her tomorrow.  Friends, I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and willingness to help us through this very stressful situation and I cannot adequately express how excited I am to see my little kitten tomorrow! 
  • David and I landed in London without any hiccups (except the aforementioned incident) this morning and have since set up camp in our Hobbit Flat in Tunbridge Wells (photos of drab drapes and rugby shoes above).  It’s grey and rainy here, which is appropriately depressing.  Our social calendar is booked for the next couple days, but I am most looking forward to getting things* figured out so I can start working on some exciting new projects.  YAY! 
  • I accidentally locked myself out of my Gmail account.  You see, I had 2-step verification set-up to access my account and realized this morning that, seeing as my US mobile is no longer active, I will have no way of receiving my text message verification code.  Ergo, I cannot access my Gmail until the nice people at Google decide I’m not a hacker.  This is both a happy escape from real life obligations and an enormous inconvenience.  Strangely I can still access Blogger… ta-da! 
  • My new roommate (step-son) has been amazing in helping David and I get situated in our new (David’s old) home.  In my mind, this flat is far from ideal and I can’t wait to get the paint samples out and start DIY projects to make it look beautiful!  Stay tuned for before and after pictures- everyone loves a makeover!  
  • I haven’t even been here a full day yet and I already have Ginger Biscuit crumbs all over my sweater.  This whole tea-time thing may just be my greatest downfall… 

Tomorrow is a busy day and David is already sleeping beside me so I too am going to turn-in for the night.  Again, an enormous THANK YOU to everyone who helped us with Le Chat!  I am so thankful for having an abundance of wonderful people in my life and I’m literally weeping just thinking about how awesome my friends are.  Gaaahhh!  XOXOXO.

*Banking, mobile phone, apartment organization, toothpaste purchases, etc.

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