I Get Excited About the Darnedest Things

You guys, I got new socks!  This makes me very excited because I love socks.  I mean, honestly, is there anything better than a bright and beautiful pair of socks to put an extra bounce in your step?

Last week, I was snooping on Jeana Sohn and my heart flip-flopped for joy when she posted about her friend’s sock company, Hansel from Basel.  Purchasing new socks has been on my to-do list since autumn but I was having trouble finding a company that makes high quality socks but also maintains that charm and unique perspective that makes special socks really special.  I wanted to find a designer that loves socks with a wide variety of colors and styles.  Hansel from Basel is just what I was looking for.  I love that they’re based in L.A. and employ creative marketing tactics, like a sock of the month club, to connect with customers and reinforce loyalty.

When packing yesterday I took my bin of socks and threw almost all of them away and it felt so good!  I then replaced them with my lovely new socks, void of holes or yucky threadbare patches.  I am very very excited to wear my new socks and show them off- especially those polka-dot beauties! 

Have a great weekend, dear reader!  I’m going to DC to visit my bff Brent and will be back on Tuesday.  See you then!

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