Jewels & Paper Dresses

Last night, I had the great pleasure of attending my friend Samantha House‘s jewelry party at Persona Jewelry in the Hotel Commonwealth.  My dear friends at Avanti Salon did the hair (great job, Rob, Jill & Alex!) and a local fashion designer named Jessica LePrevost made the most elaborate paper dresses and hats I’ve ever seen (she only suffered two paper cuts throughout the entire process- I asked).  That being said, I really haven’t seen too many paper clothes in my day, but I can assure you that Jessica’s creations made my heart skip a beat. 

Samantha, with her cotton-candy pink hair and easy laugh, is a spirited designer with a really unique perspective.  Her pieces catch the eye and make a statement, and in the very least will start a conversation about how badass and beautiful they are. I love her rough wire-work, her super-long earrings and am obsessed with the Carissa Necklace, which I would totally wear with barely-there tank tops in the summer and tight knit turtlenecks when the weather is cooler. 

It’s so inspiring to see local designers putting on events like this, and I’m incredibly honored to have been a part of it!  Congratulations to Samantha on a super-successful party and a major shout-out to the models who were WERQing the ‘ish out of those paper dresses!

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