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It’s been a rainy weekend in Boston and all I wanted yesterday was to snuggle under the covers and sleep.  Lo and behold, our tummies and cupboards were empty so David and I bundled up and went out for a late lunch at one of our favorite South End restaurants, Coppa.  Though neither of us were the least bit hung over, we still took the liberty of ordering the Hang Over ‘Za (complete with bacon, sausage, prosciutto, potatoes and two farm fresh eggs… AMAZING) and followed it up with a Nutella Panino and espresso.  Coppa is a small-plate Italian restaurant.  It’s a cozy and intimate space with a staff that makes you feel welcome and familiar.  If you ever go, I cannot recommend their pizzas, small anchovy plate, and oysters* with prosecco and rhubarb compote enough.  
Today is still cold and rainy and I’m taking the day to sort through books, clothing and stuff, deciding what to donate and what to ship to the UK.  I have a rule in my life where I purchase things only if I love them (I’m not a compulsive buyer, thank goodness) so parting with my possessions can be difficult because everything has been purchased with care.  Regardless, there are plenty of things I’ve had for years that I’ve grown ambivalent toward, and it’s time that I let go and move forward.  What a scary and exciting time this is!  

*I’m not sure if this is always on the menu, but if it is and if you happen to like oysters, order it!  I think it makes a delicious dessert.

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