It’s super official- David and I booked our tickets to London and we’re leaving (moving!) May 9th.  I’m feeling giddy, angry, lethargic, inspired, and sleepy all at once. 

Tomorrow is my last day at work (well, kinda.  More on that in a later post…) and I’m v. upset about leaving a job I love at a moment when everything I’ve been working toward is about to come to fruition, without me.  Years of encouraging, organizing and planning have allowed me to have an enormous career advancement here in Boston, and I’m turning it down.  Right now this makes me angry and sad, but I’m confident that I’ll find something equally- if not better- suited for me in London. 

If you feel like I’m being coy, you’re right.  I have so many announcements to make and trust me, they’re coming!  I can’t wait to share them with you, but first I need some time… I’m sure you understand.

Happy weekend, one and all.  XOXO

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