Storytelling & Daydreaming

I’m finding it really difficult to do normal things.  Normal things like reading a book, completing a to-do list, or cleaning Slum Castle.  Everything about my life is in flux- or, rather, everything about my life is soon to be in flux and my attention span is long gone.  Instead of going home after work and being productive, I feel as if I have to talk through The Plan with David, which is ridiculous because every day our plan is changing.  We’re like people who re-tell the same stories just to hear each other talk, only instead of telling stories that happened in the past, we make them up about the future.  We haven’t invented a fairy god-mother yet, but still, our stories are pretty far-fetched.

But there’s nothing so wrong with storytelling and daydreaming, especially when it’s 4:00 PM on a Sunday and the afternoon light is softly coming through the window, the cat is curled at your feet, and you’re snuggled close with someone you love.

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