Corporate What?

I worked in the corporate world today.  No, I didn’t sit in a cubical or wear appropriate clothing (unless tight scoop-back t-shirts are appropriate office attire) and I didn’t spend all my time on Pinterest or get cc’d in on any emails.  No, my job was v. different from the others in Corporate Land- my job was to bring style to Corporate Land.  And you know what, those ladies in the company I visited sure did need a lot of help!  Upon walking into the building I sensed a style eclipse and found in confirmed when I complimented a woman on her colorful blouse and all I got in response was a shrug before she confessed that her “stylist” picked it out and was encouraging her try new things (color, apparently, is a new thing).  Other than said blouse, I saw a few masterful applications of eye liner, a lot of beautiful natural waves curls, and a couple cute dresses-  I’m not above giving credit where credit’s due.

This is not a fashion blog, nor will it ever be, but that doesn’t change the fact that I love getting dressed and I love style (not to be confused with fashion, folks!).  I am incredibly fortunate to work in an industry that celebrates personal style and allows me to express my mood, aesthetics and taste through my styling choices.  That being said, I was a little surprised to walk into a large, corporate office that caters to the beauty industry and see first-hand how so many women working for the company seemed to lack any confidence in their own personal style (or lack thereof).  I was so pleased that my team allowed these women to break free from their desks for a couple hours and feel beautiful, just as the advertisements for the products they produce tell them- tell us- to feel all the time.  It’s amazing how a flat-ironing, some curls, and a whole lot of hairspray can boost a woman’s confidence and allow them to have a really awesome day at work.

I have a lot of thoughts about corporate culture in its many variations* and there are many reason for why I’ve personally refused to pursue a corporate career, one being that I hate having to wake up before 7:00 AM (unless it’s to catch a flight to a fabulous destination, obviously), which is precisely why I came home at 6:30 in desperate need of a nap and am just now writing this post at 10:00.  

Here’s to a stylish today, dear reader, and a stylish tomorrow, too. 

*I’m not trying to imply that all corporations or people who work in corporations have no personal style to speak of.  In fact, I know many people who are smoking hot and work in an corporate setting.  So kudos to you, stylish corporate ladies!

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