Gin Season

And here we are again, at the beginning of one of my favorite seasons- Gin Season!

On Sunday, David and I took a long walk through Boston.  Sunday was also the day of the annually epic St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Southie, so we decided to stroll down the esplanade, through Beacon Hill then into Back Bay to avoid the crowds.  But reader, there is no avoiding the crowds on a stunning 70 degree Sunday at the beginning of spring,  and David and I were confronted with masses of sun-bathing lovers, families with strollers, and lots and lots of drunk people.

As you can imagine, the heat and crowd-dodging exhausted us, so along our journey we stopped off for refreshments (and to hide from the masses) at 75 Chestnut and Citizen Public House & Oyster Bar where we indulged in some delicious summery cocktails made with- you guessed it- GIN!  

Now, I’m particular about my gin in that I want it to actually taste like gin.  There’s nothing more refreshing than a cold drink on a hot day that doesn’t make your mouth sticky-sweet but also doesn’t go down like water.  My go-to patio cocktail is a simple Hendrick’s with equal parts soda and tonic served (and this is a must) with a cucumber garnish.  Although I prefer Hendricks, I’m always happy to substitute a crisp, dry gin like Plymouth, Beefeater, or Bols Genever if I have them on hand and want to feel a little more homey and simple.  If I’m not drinking Hendrick’s, I will change my garnish to a lime, obviously. 

This spring I’d like to branch out and try some new gins.  In particular, I’ve had my eye on Breuckelen Distillery’s gin ever since I watched the inspiring story of how they got their start over at Made By Hand and need to get my hands on a bottle.  This year, I’m going to try to stay far away from the G&T rut that usually begins mid-June and peters out when the cool autumn wind blows in.  I will make interesting, sophisticated gin-based drinks that are more complex but just as refreshing as my much loved G&T… Please, let me know if you have suggestions!    

Popping off now to dress for dinner.  My life is v. exhausting, haven’t you heard?

(top photo: gin gimlet at Citizen, middle photo: David’s absurdly large hand & a Hendrick’s with soda and tonic at 75 Chestnut, bottom photo: rug and sun at Citizen)

2 thoughts on “Gin Season

  1. Natalie

    Kate, I have to disagree – every season is gin season. At least in my book.

    But you’re right, there is something magical about summer and gin based drinks. I’ve recently become partial to the “Ginger Rogers” – a drink I discovered at LACMA a few weeks back – Ginger simple syrup, lime juice, mint, gin and ginger ale. A very refreshing drink with a hearty ginger kick that is admittedly more exciting than a simple G&T.


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