Mr. Cox and his Michelangelo Hands

My English Gentleman, Mr. Cox, has ginormous hands.  He also has long arms, a long torso, large, muscular calves, and big feet.  Sometimes I jokingly compare him to Michelangelo’s David (their bums are quite similar, too…).  The other night, David fell asleep long before I did and when I walked past him to get a glass of water, I noticed his arm hanging off the side of the bed.  The way his hand was positioned in repose reminded me ever so much of Michelangelo (painter, not the Ninja Turtle), so I grabbed my camera and snapped a photo before tucking myself into bed.  

Though his hand in the photograph is much more similar to Michelangelo’s Adam in the Sistine Chapel than it is to Michelangelo’s David, the similarities between the man and the art is enough to convince me that my David could have been a model for Michelangelo in a past life.  In this life, however, he is a model for Tom’s caricatures (top photo), my midnight photo-shoots, and a prime example of what an upstanding English Gentleman should be.

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