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Inspired By: Katie Quinn Davies

Over the weekend, I took some time to organize my bookmarked pages and clean up my desktop.  I deleted half-finished [and very bad] poetry as well as a couple hundred fuzzy photos and revisited all the websites I’ve bookmarked over the last six years.  Out of those sites, I found a couple real gems that I used to check into quite regularly but had forgotten about.  In particular, it was nice to revisit food photographer and recipe inventor Katie Quinn Davies of What Katie Ate. I had bookmarked her page very early on in her blogging career.  It’s spectacular to see how far she’s come since that very first cupcake photo!

Photo by Katie Quinn Davies
Click through for more Ahhhmazing work.
Black is always a stunning background for food, no?

After spending a number of hours scrolling through her work, I was not only starving (she makes food look extra delicious!) but also completely inspired to keep learning about photography, developing a style, and setting up my own still-life shoots.  Katie didn’t delve into a photography career until a couple years ago, which encourages me to always be tinkering and experimenting to make my work better.  Additionally, her photography inspires me to look at my surroundings with fresh eyes, to see things around me as props, to notice the texture of surfaces and the way objects catch the light.

I haven’t tried any of her recipes yet, but they look absolutely delicious.  Next stop: the kitchen! 


Sleep was difficult to find last night in Slum Castle.  Around 2:15 I gave up completely and decided to take a moment to admire the fresh snow that had fallen and was very quickly melting.  I love a good dusting (or dumping) of snow.  I love the way it makes the world so quiet and the sky looks as if it’s glowing, even in the middle of the night.  And the smell after a fresh snowfall is wonderfull- kind of sweet but you can actually smell the cold, the crispness of the snow, the icicles. 

Winter is a majestic time of year.  As grateful as I am for this mild winter, I could do with a snow day.  After all, there is nothing cozier than being snowed in with a pot of hot coffee and a good book. Am I right?


Today has been about planning.  Planning how to get Le Chat to the UK, planning (brainstorming) wedding party details, planning our trip to NYC next weekend, planning some work and freelance projects.  So much planning that I almost forgot to enjoy the day, which would have been a tragedy.

Signing off to cuddle with my English gentleman and Le Chat.  I hope you had a wonderful Monday- let’s make this week extra special!

P.S. How beautiful are Le Chat’s eyes?  They match my blog perfectly!

Farewell: Gaslight

On Tuesday night, David and I met some friends at one of our old local haunts, Gaslight. Since moving out of Southie, we haven’t spent as much time at Gaslight as we used to, but we still make it over quite regularly because parking is easy and we are fond of their food, drinks, and penchant for subway tile.

Whilst sipping wine and nibbling cheese at a hightop in the bar, I decided to put together a farewell series of the places I love best in Boston that I will then feature here. David and I are planning to move to the UK in April and I want to commemorate my favorite Boston spots before leaving. Seeing as we had our second date at Gaslight (we went for brunch- the poached egg Vigneronne is exquisite) and we’ve had a lot of good memories there over the years, it seems fitting to start my series with Gaslight.

My Favorite Things, Gaslight Edition:
-They serve warm bread with proper butter before a meal
-Frites come with garlic mayonnaise
-Brunch starts at 10:00 AM (anything later is lunch, am I right?!)
-The bartenders usually know what’s up
-Subway tile, lots and lots of subway tile.

Fare thee well, Gaslight. I’m sure to visit again before my move, but I don’t plan ahead and therefore cannot make any promises. Please know you are loved.

Dinner Divine

Last night, we were invited to a small dinner party hosted by some new friends. It was wonderful to share a meal (they made a gorgeous Moroccan-seasoned salmon, mushroom risotto, and mashed sweet potatoes topped with almond crumble) over drinks and good conversation. They’re both working musicians and it was inspiring to witness the passion they have for their profession. David and I (who are not musical people) learned a great deal about their work and we’re excited to see them perform soon.

For dessert, David made a cayenne pepper seasoned bacon covered in dark chocolate and sea salt. We ate it with vanilla ice cream and it was absolutely splendid! In fact, I think we may have to incorporate the dessert into the menu for our wedding party… chocolate covered bacon in lieu of wedding cake? Yes, please!


I went to Bikram Yoga Boston for the first time last night and am shocked by how absolutely draining it was. I was in bed by 10:00 PM with a large glass of water beside me and this morning I still feel as if I could sleep another hour or two. I mean, I feel incredible, but my body is a little resistant to the idea of practicing Bikram regularly. I think I prefer Forrest at BBY, but I’ll give Bikram another shot.

In other news, it’s January 12th and raining in Boston. This winter has been completely schizophrenic. A client yesterday called it sprawl- a bizarre mixture of spring, winter and fall. I liked that but I would like it more if it snowed. Just once, pretty please?

Inspired By: Brian W. Ferry

For a long time, I’ve been following Brian W. Ferry’s work over at the blue hour. He has a gift for seeing the beauty in everyday life: the way a cup of coffee sits on the corner of a table, the way a vine crawls up the side of a cottage in the English countryside, the simplicity of raindrops clinging to a windowpane. His work is always hugely inspirational to me, and I’ve very much enjoyed watching his photography career flourish, especially over the last year or so.

Brian has two collections of work, both of which I own and highly recommend (if you can get your hands on them), Quality Of Life and Wellfleet:

For the past two years, Brian, an American, lived in London (he’s now back in Brooklyn). This may sound silly, but his photos from London play a large role in why I’m so comfortable with moving to the UK. He makes everything look so familiar and comfortable, and I’m really excited to visit some of his former haunts- especially St. John’s, which looks exactly like the kind of place where I’ll be sure to meet some interesting new friends.

In many ways, the spirit of the blue hour is quite similar to the spirit I am hoping to encapsulate on this site. Rather than focusing my attention on things I want and daydreaming about things I don’t have, I instead want to celebrate the beauty that unfolds in my every day life and the unique people and places I encounter on the journey out my front door. Brian does a beautiful job of this, and I hope you find his work as inspiring as I do.

1. Brian Ferry’s two collections of photography 2. Flipping pages in Quality of Life 3. One of my favorite facing pages in Quality of Life

Simple Mornings

Since David hasn’t been working these past few months, our morning routine has changed a lot. Rather than rushing to
Bloc 11 before work to pick up a scone and 16 oz. coffee, David usually rises before me, brews a pot of Peace Coffee (imported from Minnesota!) and makes me eggs with a side of something delicious. I’ve been working from home a lot more mornings, taking time to enjoy the soft morning light, the sound of hot coffee being poured into a mug, and planning how my day will unfold over a nourishing meal. It’s a nice change, starting the morning slowly. It gives the rest of the day a good rhythm.

So good morning, dear reader. I wish you a day filled with natural light, inspirational moments, and much happiness.

Sequins Sleeves & Vintage Fox Fur

My weekend was filled with good friends, delicious cocktails, vintage fur, and lots of laughter. As always, it was nice to sleep in and snuggle under the covers before another week begins- recharge my batteries, if you will. This week I have much to do, including finalizing some wedding party plans, figuring out how to get our cat to the UK, and playing with some art supplies.

Last night, I went to a neighborhood bar to meet a friend for drinks and ended up bonding with a new friend over lipstick- specifically NARS velvet matte lip pencil in ‘Cruella’. I so enjoy meeting new people, hearing their stories and telling them some of mine. Boston is a great city and will miss it tremendously when I move to the UK in April. But really, I’m moving to England! Obviously I’m super excited!

1. Alexander Wang Alice Shelled Throat Pump 2. Sequin top by Vince 3. Vintage fox fur scarf 4. A Manhattan in Boston

The Beginning {How do you do?}

Chatham, MA November 2011

This past week, I was faced with the task of sending my almost-estranged grandfather a letter via facebook. For as long as I can remember, this man has been nothing more to me than a check in the mail. The check has always been generous and the accompanying text, scrolled in a heavy black ink, was always brief and kind. Though I know he cares for me, his affections are withdrawn, like a man afraid of being close to someone for fear of being hurt, or of hurting them.

My grandfather’s gift this year was especially generous, and giving him a simple “thank you!” note didn’t seem adequate. My parents mentioned the best way to contact him is via facebook, which he uses daily to keep tabs on all of us in his family though he never contacts us directly through the site. As I started typing, I was struck by how bizarre it felt to write a letter to someone you don’t know anything about but who loves you enormously. Because he does, he loves me. But I don’t feel love for him. Instead, I feel a mild curiosity as well as a familial obligation. I also feel pity.

I started my letter with a belated (as is my style) wish of holiday cheer and then proceeded to express my gratitude for his incredible kindness. But that didn’t seem like enough, so I told him a little about myself- introduced him to his adult granddaughter for the first time since childhood using my own words. I told him that I live in Boston and about what I do and what I want to do in the future. I told him about my passion for art and my resolution to get my hands dirty this year. I told him I am getting married to a man I love more than I ever thought I was capable of loving. I closed by telling him that I’d like to know him better. I hope I get a response.

Writing this post feels similar to writing to my grandfather. I don’t know who you are, dear reader, but I would like to know you. I hope you would like to know me, too. If you continue reading, you will. From this point forward, I will do my best to post every day except Sunday, which is a day of rest, inspiration, and holiness.