Winter Beaches

One of my favorite things about Boston is its proximity to the ocean.  One of the greatest tragedies of Boston is that it doesn’t do nearly enough with its ocean-front real estate.  They’re getting it right in the Seaport district- with the way the new restaurants have large, sliding glass windows that open onto the boardwalk overlooking the ocean.  But in Boston proper, they’ve done a poor job of utilizing the stretch of ocean that would make a beautiful back-drop to small cafes and restaurants (granted, if restaurants were to open right on the water in the city, they would undoubtedly be large chains or sports bars and I don’t think we need another Sel de la Terre or Jerry Remy’s, if you know what I mean).

When it comes to New England beaches, I much prefer them in the colder months rather than the summer.  I love the smooth sand, stretching like a secret along the hungry water.  I like the cold wind whipping through my hair and the stillness.  I love taking the ferry to the Vineyard in the off-season, drinking in pubs with the locals who caught the seafood on the table early that morning, and watching the sun set over the water while snuggled tight in a blanket. 

I don’t know if I’ll make it out to the ocean again before I leave for the UK- my weekends for the next month are already pretty booked- but I’d like to.  I’d really really like to. 

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