Post Work

Saturday is my Friday- I’m fortunate in my industry to work Tuesday through Saturday.  This allows me the luxury of going shopping and to matinee movies on Monday afternoons, when the shops and theaters are less crowded. 

 Here are some snapshots from my “Friday” night (really, Saturday is my Friday.  I live in a time warp):

I’m a big fan of decompression.  It has always taken me a while to acclimate to the weekend, and today was no exception.  My dear friend Tony introduced me to his boyfriend, Chad, today after work, and I was incredibly honored to meet him.  I worked until six and then the four of us had a wonderful snackish-dinner at Casa Romero, one of the best Mexican restaurants in Boston (if you are from somewhere south of Boston, you will likely find fault with Casa Romero, though the food is quite good based on its geographic locale).  We feasted on chips and salsa, cheesy chorizo tacos, and margaritas whilst sharing the latest weekend gossip (which is equally, if not more, delicious than the food!).  I adore Tony and am so pleased to have him [and Chad] in my life!  It’s ridiculous how often we take our friends for granted; I’m trying to be extra vigilant about being a cheerleader for all my favorite friends this year.  Lord knows I owe them a lot for supporting me throughout all I’ve been through!    

Now that I’m curled up at home, I must say that I’ve had a wonderful evening and I hope you’re having a great time as well! XXOO and I hope to see you back here soon!

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