Days Like This

On days like this when I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and nostalgic for a world without facebook likes and email, I like to close my eyes and pretend I’m back in Tuscany.

On days like this when it’s raining and I can’t put an outfit together because I want to be cozy but know I have to go straight from work to the opera, I think back to Montespertoli and the way the clouds rolled in over the hills as we stood on the balcony and watched a sheet of rain sweep through the vineyards before us.  When it hit us, we gripped the railing tight, our clothes and hair whipping in the wind around us, our wine glasses filling up with rain. 

On days like this when I feel like time is moving too fast, I think back to those afternoons that stretched like years and remember the dirt that clung to my feet when I ran down to the clothesline, the sound of laughter echoing through the valley, and the way a glass of water shined in the afternoon sun. 

I hope you, dear reader, have a fabulous Friday.  If you’re feeling as I am, rest assured that the weekend is almost upon us.  xx

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