Meet & Greet

Guys, it’s high time you met David. 

David is my best friend and we’re getting married in March, but we’re basically married already.  I’ll be writing about him a lot and will sometimes refer to  him as the following: English Gentleman, The Red Coat, The British, English, and Coxy.  Because he’s an important part of my life and I love him dearly, I thought it would be nice to officially introduce you to him.  Now, let him tell you a little about himself. 

For those of you who can’t read his handwriting, I’ve translated:

Name: David
Favorite Cocktail: 1930′s Manhattan, a little on the dark side, with an orange twist and bitters (orange) 
Editor’s Note: He didn’t drink Manhattans until I met him.  He drank the Cox Cocktail.  More on that in a later post.

5 Things You Believe: 
-Be where you are
-Qualifications are not a substitute for being educated
-True commitment is freeing
-Being independent nurtures fulfilling relationships
-Don’t take yourself too seriously
Favorite Book: ‘House of Sleep’ by Jonathan Coe  Editor’s Note: It’s really good.  For real.

5 Things About You: 
-Born in Nigeria
-I have two wonderful sons
-6′ 3.5″ tall (that 1/2 inch is important)
-I love movies that move me to tears
-I enjoy long walks (with Kate), we don’t need to speak

Last Words: Be curious and creative with your life.  Retirement should never be a goal.  xx


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