Fast & Furious: NYC

@ Fatty Crab in the West Village

We’ve just returned from a fast and furious two days in New York City.  We ate too much, enjoyed a great number of delicious beverages, bought clothes for our nuptial cocktail soiree, and had a really really really good time.  New York is a beautiful beast and I would like to spend a significant amount of time there, rather than quickly passing through as I usually do.  I’d like to know first hand which vintage clothing store is most likely to have an Elizabethan (like Liz Taylor) gown, where to buy the tastiest bagels, and which neighborhood is best for window-gazing on cool autumn nights.  At some point I want to take some time and be a New Yorker, even if it’s only for a little bit.

Due to the weather (mashed potato slush the first day and rain the second) I didn’t break out my camera as much as I would have liked.  This is unfortunate because New York is really beautiful with a backdrop of grey sky and also because this trip will likely be my last for quite a while, seeing as I’m moving to London.  I’ll miss being so close to the center of the universe, but then again I’ll be living mere hours away from Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, etc. and will have a whole new world to explore on long weekends.  OMGSOEXCITED!

Though the trip completely exhausted me, I still have a pile of work that I must tend to immediately.  Kisses!

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